Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 2 of making it happen

I want to show how we as a family are coming into an understanding of unschooling. I want to share the wonderful that is happening in our lives. I want to write a bit every day to flex those muscles and satisfy the burning desire to express myself.
I want...
I want....
I want....

If loving is having not wanting then what I have is ....BLOG BLOCKAGE.
Blogstipation--if you will (I wish I wouldn't).
Am I loving it?
Not so much.
But what if I could love being blocked? What if I can enjoy this time. Time for self reflection, for swirling ideas, for possibilities of what might be. Like the feeling before you open the presents under the tree. As much as I love to get presents, I love more the anticipation of what might be.

Right now my Blog is full of potential and possibilities-- it could be anything. It COULD be great. I love that.


Zenmomma said...

I love that you've got a blog.
Let it be.
Let it go.
I can't wait to read what bubbles up. :o)

Ren Allen said...

I love being OK with those "blank" times. Not knowing what to create or write or do. It all surfaces in it's own time doesn't it?:)

Looking forward to reading about it when you're inspired.