Friday, July 25, 2008

oh the horror

I was just beginning to get into taking photos. I plugged my camera in to charge the battery.
Moments later, I smelled the ozone as the circuits melted and I grabbed my camera--it was as hot as a frying pan. The charger, stolen 2 years ago out of our van (because I left the doors unlocked while it sat next to us at our campsite--doh!!!) was replaced by a general all purpose charger that had a switch to increase the voltage. Somehow the switch had been moved to the highest voltage and my precious camera was cooked. Stick a fork in it.
Here is the Vodka and Orange juice that I consumed in my grief.

All things have a silver lining--even a cooked camera.
Xander has been dismantling electronics and the chance to get inside a digital camera was akin to winning the lottery. He was beaming as he went to work.
So here is my camera now.


But all is not lost because my gadget obsessed hubby had already purchased a new camera. He liked to have it at work to take extreme close-ups of projects. It is water and shock proof.
If only camera's came Renee-proof!

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Unknown said...

what?! no salsa pix?!! oh. dang.