Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why I love Qacei

Qacei took a picture of this moth that landed on XuMei's hair. As part of a series of posts about people and ideas that have influenced my thinking I am telling this simple story of a young woman I only just recently got to know:
I seriously love this girl. She is amazing. She blows my mind. She is an unschooler.

I was hanging out with a couple of cool beans: my Nonie (of Babble-On Sisters fame), Kat (of kat craft fever) and Mary (the one who inspired blogging for me with Zenmomma's Garden) and somehow the discussion of breasts and breast development came up and I was mouthing off like I am wont to do and I asked,
"Is that NORMAL?" (about something XuMei had said)
and Qacei responded,
"There is no normal."

Holy Shitake Mushroom.
She is so right on, Sister.
It brought tears to my eyes.
And still does even now as I think back to the look on her face. She wasn't judging me and she had no fear-- she spoke her truth, a truth so loud and clear in it's quiet simplicity....and I am temporarily shamed, shocked, stunned changed.
I might even have evolved a little today!
And you could too if you check out her blog:
Normal is So last week

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