Friday, November 21, 2008

Cheddar Ice

I loved reading the books and so easily enjoyed getting wrapped up in the delicious distraction of the movie hype for Twilight.

Twilight the movie had the perfect amount of schmaltz and coolness. It was cheddar on ice.
Thoughts on the movie:
Casting Cedric Diggory as Edward was hilarious at first,

ridiculously sexy in the end.
Oh, yea...and there is a really cute girl in it too.

Alice was perfect.
Badly cast was Doogie Howser as Carlisle Cullen.
The special effects were comical---Edward running could have just as easily been sped up footage of Wiley coyote.
But all in all I am always up for some good girly porn and this is it.
I consider it a feminist protest move to see the movie as many times as my pocketbook will allow. I suggest anyone who is into it do the same. Let's send a message to the Hollywood powers that be to make more movies geared toward women that are sexy, funny, and entertaining.

Thanks to Mary for reminding me that I can close my eyes during creepy trailers.
Kat for the awesome title.
And Cassie for being as into this silly movie/book dealio as I am and helping me to not feel like the biggest dork in the theater and for reading the series so I can obsess with someone about it.
And Sara......thanks for being you!


hi, i'm kat. said...

lrt's go again!!

hi, i'm kat. said...

sorry, misspelling 'cuz i am watching a creepy movie at the same time!

bright said...
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bright said...
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bright said...

last attempt....

my "liveblog post"

Zenmomma said...

I'm up for another movie! It doesn't even have to be Twilight. Are there any other chick flicks out there currently?