Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 7 or 8 or both: Uzhorod, Ukraine

Meet the two most amazing people I know:

A sweet stray dog who hung out by us as we played at the exercise equipment "park".
An apartment building:
Chris wore his Utilikilt and I would walk behind him to see all the hilarious responses. Men in skirts are very rare.

A typical church spire.
XuMei wanted to go shopping.
Chris in between gigs. I love this picture of him. He is surrounded by Cyrillic writing. Totally incomprehensible to me......a little like him. Because of him I am in another country. Because of his love of music and membership in the Maharimba band, his hours spent planning and in meetings and his hard work my family got to travel and experience this amazing country and culture. Thank you ChrisC.
This became our favorite snack food. Pork Roast flavored chips. It was like the pill in Willie Wonka's chocolate factory. The one you pop in your mouth and then you experience the whole meal from pea soup to pot roast. Delicious.
At the Children's Palace auditorium we waited with friends and translators for an enormous show to start.
There was much speachify-ing and then many wonderful acts. Dancers, musicians, singers and more from the Rehabilitation Center, the Chaslivtsi Orphanage and other schools.


Liesl celebrated her birthday in Ukraine.

She had a fabulous cake.
And a party in her room.

Did I mention the fabulous cake?

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lijhe said...

Wow, what beautiful costumes and stage props!