Monday, January 19, 2009

Hood River

Xander and XuMei spent the night in Hood River. They spent hours with cousins David and Jesse building elaborate Lego cities, Zoos, Military Bases, and Space stations.

Elaborate Zoo:

Elaborate Military Base:

Then Uncle John drove us up Mt. Hood to a sledding spot called "Little John". Thanks for that since I don't have four wheel drive and haven't driven in the snow for 10 years.
The slope had been packed down hard and had moguls. Wicked, evil, icy, ass crunching moguls.
They didn't bother XuMei and Xander, probably because they are lite enough to not hit hard. But David walked up the hill grimacing and asked me, "Is it possible to bruise your butt?"

Even though David looks like a snow terrorist,
he makes a beautiful snow angel.

Traipsing through a winter wonderland.

XuMei with her cousin doggy Big Mac.


Zenmomma said...

Looks like so much fun! For them anyway. I like to stay warm and dry. *G*

blueyedsoul said...

wow this makes me wish I got out of the car and went! But David does look like a snow terrorist, and I laughed really hard when I read that. haha.