Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What we are up to:

Tissue paper spring flowers.

Nerf dart modification and bullet making resulting in epic dart wars:
Come on down to the Marble Cafe:

Marble Cafe food wrapped To GO.
Making money. Notice the 100$ bill dude is less happy than the 1000$ dude. You should see the facial expression on the googolplex bill!!

XuMei made rainbow gift tags, Xander wore it as a bracelet.
Cascading dominoes on the kitchen floor:

The sun came out so out came the magnifying glasses:

"I got smoke!!!"--Xander

and fire!
After fire there is carbon (with a little addition of some artist's charcoal) they did finger print dusting:

CSI: Corvallis
XuMei and I are working on a song that follows the 6teen theme song only it's about being 8 and being unschooled:

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debra said...

Thanks for stopping by at my place.
I know a fair number of hs'ers in Wadsworth. We've been on this path for 16 yrs.

I remember doing all the cool things you're doing when my 2 (almost 21 and almost 18) were younger. Have fun. It really doesn't get much better than this!