Friday, May 8, 2009

It's a BrickHouse!!

and a brick apartment complex:and a brick castle:and a brick roller coaster:
and a brick marimba playing robot:
and a brick massage lounge chair:
and a brick orchard:
and a brick work of art:
and a brick space needle:
and a brick city block:
and a brick bonsai tree:
and brick cartoon characters:
and a brick Taj Mahal:
and a brick Eiffel Tower:
and tired Brickfest attendees:
Everything made from Legos. Except the people...unless they are Lego people....:)
I usually build simple square car like things with 4 wheels and then race them across the kitchen floor. I never even considered building a massage lounge chair.....I better get started!
What is the coolest thing you've made from Legos?


bright said...

yep, i'm a box with wheels kind of lego lady too. mike and sophia did a scale model of our house.

Hema Bharadwaj said...

Renee, thank you for finding my blog and allowing me to find you :-) I just wanted to say i have often visited your blog too and enjoyed reading it. I am still getting thru your latest post... its fantastic and reminds me of how grateful i am for Ravi (dh). I have some how manifested a reality that has taken me away from many things i love to many other things i love... and always struggle when i see photos of lego-sessions-displays and other such that RUbloggers post.... coz i miss those kinds of things here in Pune. Anyway... love being reminded that there is a whole world out there doing amazing things. Just wanted to stop by and say happy to read here. Love, Hema