Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 4: this when it all starts to blur together

Corvallis + Uzhorod

They played for the Linguistic Gymnasium.
The students sat with rapt attention. Some recorded the performance on cell phones.
Vita took pictures.
Then we walked the boardwalk along the Uzh River to the Padiun. A building that houses all the "extra curricular" activities.
It was here that the instruments would live for the duration of our visit and ever after. We would be here every day for a "master class". The band taught a group of young people to play marimbas.
The building was painted with graffiti where ever it could be reached.
Whoever said graffiti isn't art? Don't be a tool.
The Padiun had a playground. It was rows of exercise equipment.

XuMei, Xander and I exercised everyday.

We went to a traditional Transcarpathian restaurant for dinner. Steve, Lisa, Jolene, Xander and Chris try to decipher the menu. We are grateful (as always) for Lisa's help.
This was translated on the menu as a "Young Lady".
It was chicken wrapped around ham and cheese served over rice with raisins, dates and cherries. I think.....
Sharing a meal with a group of people in a place where none of us speak the language gets riotously funny when it comes time to divvy up the bill. Who got what and owes how much and in which currency? Oh, and how many beers have you had???? Help!!!
The menu gets opened and money is flying and somehow we manage to pay the bill and tip the waitress --I hope!
While waiting for the grown-ups to figure it out Xander made hand animals.
Hank fed the hand animals cutlery.
We walked back to the hotel and stopped at a fancy pastry/cake shop to order cakes for my and Liesl's birthdays.

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