Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 6: Uzhorod,Ukraine: October 1st--My Birthday

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We started this day with a tour of the Rehabilitation Center.
Then we went to the Chaslivtsi orphanage. T.O.U.C.H. sponsors many of the children who live here. We set up with lots of help.
A courtyard at the orphanage.

T.O.U.C.H. people and students from the orphanage:
The boy in the red shirt told me he loved to sing and we exchanged addresses. He wants to see the U.S.
The children here were disproportionately boys and Roma. They were eager to help. Here they help Igor run the ramp on the back of the van.
Yesterday Chris lost our Lactaid, so Xander had only tea for breakfast. He was also tired and overwhelmed by the orphanage. The look in his eyes says it all.

Afterwords we went back to our hotel to decompress.

Xander, Lisa and XuMei were giggling and wrestling. I think Xander is stealing a kiss!

Logan, Liesl, Ira, Sara and the back of Hailey and Xander at dinner.
Steve, Lisa, XuMei, Chris, Jack's arm and Jolene.
This is NOT Potatoes. It was listed as "bacon bits" on the menu. It is delicious chunks of pig fat. Yum.

Hailey, Vita and Logan ordering drinks at a club we went to to celebrate my Birthday.

Vita translating for the crazy Americanskies.
What the hell did you order for me??!?!?!?!??!
I am supposed to do all these shots in quick succession. The bar tender looks at me and asks, "Are you ready?"
NO! I am not ready to do 14 shots of syrupy pink booze!?!?!?
"Sure." I say.
But I only managed to do 2 before I shook my head.
After that bar we went to another swanker place on the other side of town.

Logan and Vita behold the awesome-ness of the Hookah!
I am laughing at the absurdity of me trying to inhale. Of course, don't be fooled--I know HOW to inhale, the problem is I have a history of getting the pipe and then beginning to tell a long story prompting my college friends to chant, "Puff. Puff. PASS!!!" at me.
Logan shows us how it's done.

Hailey, Liesl and I feeling the delicious effects of the hookah.
Theresa gives Logan a noogie---I hope my kids will be willing to hang with me at a club when they are older.

Before the Hookah.After the Hookah.

A parting shot of the golden dolphin faucet in the ladies room.
(I seem to have a penchant for bathroom photos)

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lijhe said...

Oh, Renee, you are so funny. I wish I had known you in college! And what was in that hookah?!? Surely not just tobacco? Hmm. (I am still reeling from the "all drugs are bad!" comment at the B&G club...)

What an experience you all had. It makes me want to learn to play a marimba (I was almost going to say "one of those things" but I will make an effort to sound smarter than that) just so I can go with you next time. Hey, I am pretty good at percussion! I am rocking the drums in Rock Band. Which reminds me, when can you guys come over for a game night? Our turn next, I think. xxoo