Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa, Tears and an Elephant

I had a dream.
Santa came to town and he was a tiny elfin man with a big ass, red suit and always grinning. He said I was a brown-noser because I told him I believed in him and he could see right through me.
Cut to next scene:
Santa has turned into a stuffed elephant. I cry tears that drip onto the elephant and it turns back into Santa.
Then Santa sprinkles blue sparkly dust on my nose and flies away giggling.
What to make of this?
For entertainment I reviewed The Dream Book: Symbols For Self-Understanding by Betty Bethards.
The book had the following as the entries in the Dream Symbol Dictionary:

Santa- A humorous way of saying a gift is being presented to you.

Cry-Release of stress and tension, frustration; if tears of joy may be resolving a problem, working through blocks; or emotional release from appreciation of beauty, integration of life, filling up with wonderment.

Elephant-Powerful part of self which can be gentle, helpful or destructive. Destructive only when frightened, so if elephant is angry, examine fears. Also, keep the positive lessons for growth, forget the negative dross of experience; you do not have to remember everything, even though the elephant never forgets.

It makes perfect sense to me!!!:)

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