Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to Blogging


Here it is, the TOP TEN Reasons I have not been blogging:

10. I'm Pregnant!

9. I wanted to tell all the important people, whose lives might be directly affected by this news , in person (or at least personally over the phone) If you are important and you are finding out here now via blog, please forgive me!

8. I must sleep all the time, see number 10.

7. Whenever I am not drooling on the pillow I must be shoveling food into my mouth, again see number 10.

6. I was camping for 2 weeks on the coast with family and have fabulous pictures to share soon!

5. There was the briefest moment of concern that I may not be pregnant anymore, and so I delayed blogging. All is well now!

4. Had Patrick and Ivy, after Not Back to School Camp, and Sara, my lovely niece, staying at our house and Xander and XuMei to play with and a wedding to be in and all manner of wonderful gatherings and fun things to do in REAL LIFE.

3. So very Tired.

2. So extremely Hungry.

And the number one reason why I have not been blogging:

1. Did I mention, I am PREGNANT!??!!?!!??!!!


Unknown said...

and YAY
and more happy 4 you YAY!
and -grin- YAY!

bright said...

Saw your facebook status and I thought...hmmmmm....