Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Tillamook" : A Retrospective (part B as in Boogy Board)

Xander had is first "Maytag" and was so proud!

Sydney became a regular "surfer Betty" (as defined by the slang dictionary:


A cool kind of girl, teens in aussie use this word to describe girls. Their generally laid back surfer chicks who just chill out.

She'd surf all day coming in only to eat ham sandwiches and quickly go back out for another "session".

Ayako ----- she is NOT cold, no she's NOT!
Cousin David

Cousin Sara

Friends going to ride the waves.

Um...hang 3 or 4 maybe?!....

um....surfer power! no hang 2, yeah, right on!

um...."I love you", no's Emily Post going Boogy-ing!.....

AW, heck---who cares?!? Sydney is going surfing and XuMei says, "Backock!"

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