Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Tillamook" : A Retrospective (self absorbed parts)

Because I was camping with Xander and XuMei and no Chris and no Ma I felt utterly on vacation. I made the kids whatever they wanted to eat, whenever. Because there was always so much to do they wanted very little from me. XuMei even ate her cheese and mac out of a plastic cup held in her bicycle's water bottle holder while she rode around the campground! With very little to do for anyone else aside from heat up the occasion hot dog, or taquito I was left with a ridiculous amount of time for myself.
I took naps everyday, in the tent if it was rainy or at the beach when the sun broke through. I thought a lot. I had moments of boredom and loneliness, but also moments of supreme beauty and joy. I ran my own radio talk show in my head. I sang to myself---sometimes the words would pop out! My favorites were:
"This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!" (thanks to phenomenal Diana)
"Let it be, let it be, whisper words of wisdom, let it be......"
Cat Steven's:
Oh trouble, set me free"
Speak to me Cat!
Here is some other trouble I got into:

I kissed a slug

and it turned into a handsome prince
(who showed up on the weekends to help with camp chores and make us all happy)

XuMei painted on a mustache.
The truth is, trouble has set me free.


lijhe said...

I sing to myself all the time. :)

Cute pictures of you. Missed you yesterday, but enjoyed XuMei and Chris!


Zenmomma said...

I'm thinking of you! hugs!

hi, i'm kat. said...

love that top picture of you, reminds me of when you have said something sassy to someone and you are waiting for a response! your impish grin is great friend!!