Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jesus H. Christ on a Pogo Stick Brownie

At our favorite local restaurant Sunny Side Up, they make a brownie called "the Oh My God Brownie"
I wanted one.
This led to a discussion about creating a dessert called the Jesus H. Christ on a Pogo Stick Brownie. It would contain numerous and varied treats all hand dipped in chocolate and served with a plastic Jesus pogo-ing happily across the frosted surface of your brownie.

Then XuMei came up with a " XuMei brownie." In it, she wanted "those nuts I like."
"Which nuts do you like?", I asked.
"Um..I don't know", she said this as though I was crazy for expecting her to know the name of such a thing.
She said she knew what the nut looked like just not the name.
I said I know my favorite nut.
"What is it?", they all asked.
"Y'all are my favorite nuts.", (hardy har har, I thought I was so funny)
Xander innocently asked, "What are yall nuts?"

All that aside, when Mary and Qacei, proprietress's (is that a word???) of Sunny Side Up heard that I had miscarried (more on that later....maybe) they made me a ....

wait for it...
Jesus H. Christ On a Razor Scooter Brownie!
While we were ogling Jesus and admiring his shiny Razor scooter, Mormon missionaries came to my door.
Ugh, I didn't want to answer the door.
Mary, Qacei and XuMei happily answered the door, graciously offering them our own special form of salvation. One of them accepted, the other declined, they both wondered what the H stood for.
The truth is I am not sure.
Holy? Happy?
DO you, dear reader, have any idea what the H might stand for?


Beachbum said...

Hungry...for that is what I am when I see those perfect brownies!!!! Hugs from down south.

bright said...

As an employee of the United Methodist Church, I can honestly say, I love that Jesus brownie.

Here's a couple of ideas on the "H" of it all.

Love to yall. (Yall nuts, that's awesome!)

lijhe said...

I always thought it was 'holy'. As in, "holy christ!"

I wonder if a plastic Jesus on a pogo stick exists somewhere. It must, don't you think?

Zenmomma said...

Today was so much fun.I hope we didn't scare the Mormon boys.

And OMG! on the James quote up above? You are like so way cool I can't stand it. Perfect lyric.Wish I had thought of it! ;-)

Sarah said...

Ian says it's "Hell'. I've always thought it was "Horatio". Paul says not to be silly and that it's "Holy. PAGAN."